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Paymaster Applicant Management

Save up to 80% in costs and 60% in time!

Response handling

We handle your whole recruitment process.

You get a short list of 3 candidates.

Talent pool management

We create a pool of candidates for your ongoing recruitment programme.

Have your own recruitment website

We will brand our software to enable you to run a professional in company recruitment page.

Our offer

Position advertisedCVs matched to job spec using AIQualified candidates receive video interview linkProfile is created and sent to clientCandidates invited for interviewOffer made

Packages for once-off vacancies

Level 1

CV matched to job specification and sent to client.


Level 2

Weighted multiple-choice questions sent to qualified candidates.  Summary created and sent to client.


Level 3

Timed video interview sent to qualified candidates. Summary created and sent to client.


Create your own candidate pool

Our Talent Pool solution can provide a constant flow of candidates who meet your minimum requirement to interview for those positions for which you’re constantly interviewing.

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