Company Policy

Keeping Employee Records

Employers should familiarise themselves with those employee records that must be retained if they are not to incur severe penalties. These records can be maintained electronically and copies of documents scanned and kept online (which Paymaster People Solutions can offer you as a service). Employment legislation Employment legislation specifies that:  • The records an employer [...]

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Bursaries — A way to assist your employees and their children with obtaining an education

Author: Ian Hurst — Managing Director, Paymaster People Solutions In South Africa, where access to affordable education remains a huge challenge for many, progressive companies that facilitate access to education (for its employees and their children) certainly do make a meaningful contribution to the socio-economic development of South African society. Accordingly, did you know that [...]

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What to pay when your employee travels away from home

Author: Ian Hurst — Managing Director, Paymaster People Solutions Travel is a part of working life.  Traveling costs money and all companies that I know, either pay for the accommodation and meals (and reimburse the incidental expenses), or they pay the employee an allowance that will cover the expenses. At Paymaster People Solutions, we routinely [...]

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Payroll Professional – Gate keeper of company policy

If I had a rand for every time I have been asked to break a company policy or do something that was not illegal but….let’s call it shady, I would sure be a rich man. That is not what management pay us to do. We are the Payroll department. We are the guardians of company [...]

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