31 May, 2016

Empowering your line-managers, freeing-up your payroll staff

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In a recent Accenture report entitled The Platform Economy, it was revealed that “81% of executives say [that] platform-based business models will be core to their growth strategy within three years.” This interesting claim makes it clear that managers and [...]

17 May, 2016

Are you responding to countless payroll-related questions? Here’s how to recover 3 hours of your valuable ‘lost time’…

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Problem: are you responding to countless payroll-related enquiries? Often, it seems as if all of our time is consumed by responding to staff and colleagues’ countless payroll-related questions. This type of time-wasting is an easy trap to fall into. In [...]

6 Apr, 2016

Which employee-related records must I keep in order to sleep peacefully at night?

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An organisation has a legislated obligation to keep employee-related records South African legislation makes it very clear that you, the employer, have an obligation to keep employee-related records. You need to make sure that the paperwork is accurate, on time, [...]

30 Mar, 2016

Become the centre of the Human Resource/Payroll network in your organisation

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Artificial intelligence  and automation to make payroll process redundant Last week I wrote about the demise of the payroll process position. In this article, allow me to emphasise that in 5 years time, I do believe that artificial intelligence (AI) [...]

4 Feb, 2016

[Department of Labour] National Public Hearings Commence to Decide on New Minimum Wage for Hospitality Sector

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press release by Lloyd Ramutloa —  03 February 2016 The Department of Labour will on 10 February 2016 begin national public hearings and on-site visits as part of an effort to review the minimum wages and employment conditions in the [...]

29 Jan, 2016

Hat 7 — 3 Levels of Trust

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  Hat 7 — 3 Levels of Trust Trust is earned. It’s something all payroll professionals acquire upon joining a payroll department. It’s naturally assumed that when you’re a staffer in a payroll department, that you’re 100% trustworthy. However, trust [...]

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