22 Mar, 2016

Looking towards the distant horizon — the dedicated payroll department to possibly be ‘extinct’ within the next 5 years

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At the present moment you may well be thinking that the payroll department is the centre of the corporate universe. Perhaps too, you are certain that organisations that rely on human capital, rightly consider their payroll department to be its [...]

15 Mar, 2016

Payroll Professionals: the capstone human resource in an organisation

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  Do you desire to be known as the ultimate payroll professional? Do you wish to be the ultimate ‘go to’ person in the payroll department? Similarly, do you dream of being that ‘one particular person’ within your organisation, that [...]

12 Dec, 2013

Surround yourself with Greatness.

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The critical measure of success in any business is the ability to get results, and therefore great employees are those who get the job done quickly and well, consistently and at high levels of quality. Great employees are defined by [...]