13 Sep, 2017

Self-evaluation: Does your organisation’s payroll comply with international best-practice? 5 key areas to assess

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Author: Ian Hurst — Managing Director, Paymaster People Solutions Before we attend to the issue of how to conduct the self-evaluation, let’s be clear on one thing: every organisation is different. Organisations have different needs and expectations of their payroll. [...]

31 May, 2016

Empowering your line-managers, freeing-up your payroll staff

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In a recent Accenture report entitled The Platform Economy, it was revealed that “81% of executives say [that] platform-based business models will be core to their growth strategy within three years.” This interesting claim makes it clear that managers and [...]

6 Apr, 2016

Which employee-related records must I keep in order to sleep peacefully at night?

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An organisation has a legislated obligation to keep employee-related records South African legislation makes it very clear that you, the employer, have an obligation to keep employee-related records. You need to make sure that the paperwork is accurate, on time, [...]

15 Mar, 2016

Payroll Professionals: the capstone human resource in an organisation

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  Do you desire to be known as the ultimate payroll professional? Do you wish to be the ultimate ‘go to’ person in the payroll department? Similarly, do you dream of being that ‘one particular person’ within your organisation, that [...]

29 Jan, 2016

Hat 7 — 3 Levels of Trust

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  Hat 7 — 3 Levels of Trust Trust is earned. It’s something all payroll professionals acquire upon joining a payroll department. It’s naturally assumed that when you’re a staffer in a payroll department, that you’re 100% trustworthy. However, trust [...]