19 Mar, 2018

Paymaster proudly announces its support of Ian & Leslie’s thru-hike of the Appalachian trail in the USA

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Paymaster People Solutions is proud to announce that it will be supporting Ian and Leslie Hurst (Ed. a married couple) on their thru-hike attempt of the Appalachian Trail (AT) in the USA. The term ‘thru-hike’ is used to indicate the hiking [...]

17 May, 2016

Are you responding to countless payroll-related questions? Here’s how to recover 3 hours of your valuable ‘lost time’…

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Problem: are you responding to countless payroll-related enquiries? Often, it seems as if all of our time is consumed by responding to staff and colleagues’ countless payroll-related questions. This type of time-wasting is an easy trap to fall into. In [...]

22 Mar, 2016

Looking towards the distant horizon — the dedicated payroll department to possibly be ‘extinct’ within the next 5 years

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At the present moment you may well be thinking that the payroll department is the centre of the corporate universe. Perhaps too, you are certain that organisations that rely on human capital, rightly consider their payroll department to be its [...]

29 Jan, 2016

Hat 7 — 3 Levels of Trust

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  Hat 7 — 3 Levels of Trust Trust is earned. It’s something all payroll professionals acquire upon joining a payroll department. It’s naturally assumed that when you’re a staffer in a payroll department, that you’re 100% trustworthy. However, trust [...]

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