Long hours of frustration led me on a quest to eliminate frustrations forever!

Author: Ian Hurst — Managing Director, Paymaster People Solutions Throughout the lifespan of my business I have witnessed excellent growth. This growth continues. A particular aspect involving many hours of frustration though, led me on a quest to avoid my clients having to endure similar frustrating experiences. The frustration centered around the fact that I [...]

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How Better Communication Makes HR Run Smoother

How Better Communication Makes HR Run Smoother by Andrew Lisa Communication is crucial to every business in every industry – never more so than in human resources. Connecting employees, managing prospects and incorporating policy into the existing infrastructure is the core mission of most HR departments. Luckily technology has evolved so that all of these [...]

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Are My Employees Tips Taxable

In a special ruling released by SARS it was found that tips paid to employees through the payroll were not taxable. Background: The applicant customers used cash as their main form and payment and this was seen as a security risk. So much so that employees were not allowed to report for duty with cash [...]

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