Payroll Outsourcing

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A unique Partnership

As a client of Paymaster People Solutions you will have access to:
  • All your payslips and reports on line.
  • Managers have access to their employees information.
  • The ability to create your own reports on line.
  • All the employee’s biographical details on line.
  • The employees leave records ( you will be able to maintain this online).
  • The employees training records ( you will be able to maintain this online).
  • Employment equity module (if required).
  • Store employees’ documents online, i.e. ID document or contract of employment.
  • UIF declarations are automatically forwarded on a monthly basis to the Dept of UIF.

Additional Benefits

Paymaster will process all your Gross to net salary information, do all the net salary payments (optional) as well as pay over all the deductions (optional).

  • As a result of your using Paymaster as your payroll outsourcing partner you will get the benefit of an online information system that eliminates the need for you to keep your own separate human resource records. In this way there is no longer a merging of data or importing of data with the risk of corrupting your information. Both You and Paymaster have access to one database. One more possible area of error eliminated.
  • There are no limits on the number of users. Each user will get their own unique username and password and we will create their own records in the audit trail. You will know who is doing what, when, on the payroll.
  • In addition, you have access to all reports and payslips, thus no longer having to wait for information. It is available immediately when you need it, anywhere, anytime. You will always have access to your information.
  • Lastly, Paymaster will appoint one administrator to manage your payroll. This means that a partnership is developed which leads to Paymaster becoming an extension of your business. It is like having your own Payroll department – A very personable way of doing business. We believe in the power of relationships.

The Lite Package Gives You, Per Month


  • Monthly paid and wages in one payroll
  • Import all your payroll changes
  • Employee leave administration
  • Over 100 Reports
  • Training module
  • Create mock payslips


  • One log in multiple companies
  • Payslips and IRP 5 certificates
  • Unlimited security settings
  • Unlimited companies
  • Keeps disciplinary records
  • Employment equity reporting


  • Basic claims management
  • Add a new employee
  • Customisable payslip
  • Unlimited user
  • Year end certificates
  • Automated reports monthly UIF submissions


  • Keep all employee details
  • Unlimited earnings/deductions
  • Compare payslips
  • Banking export file
  • Unlimited help desk

The Premium Package Gives You, Per Month

Includes everything in the Lite Package


  • Employee self service
  • Edit employee details


  • Online automated leave administration
  • Online payslip and IRP 5 collection


  • Online claims prodecures
  • Online Managers view & Accees to subordinates profile(customisable)


  • Work force budgeting
  • Work force planning Employment equity
  • Job costing
  • Import GL file

The Master Package Gives You, Per Month

Includes everything in the Lite Package and Premium Package


  • Advanced work flow management


  • Edit employee details


  • Consolidated multi company reports


  • Mangers ability to change workflow

Additional Modules

Price on application dependant on employee numbers and usage.


  • Performance management


  • Recruitment


  • Organisational Hierarchy


  • Analytics

Additional Services

Price on application dependant on employee numbers and usage.


  • Apply for tax directives
  • Recruitment
  • Analytics


  • Other third party payments
  • Net salary into employees bank account


  • Registration of tax payers
  • Training one month hands in our office


  • Your emp 201 submitted and money paid to receiver of revenue.
  • A monthly check of your account with SARS is done to check for any messages or IT88a certificates
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