1 Apr, 2019

Bursaries and Skills Development: Education for a Better South Africa

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Author: Matt Newnham Access to education is a tremendous challenge in South Africa. Schooling at all levels costs money. Many employees all over the country struggle to afford even basic education and yet it is such a vital pillar [...]

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15 Aug, 2017

Bursaries — A way to assist your employees and their children with obtaining an education

By |2017-09-13T07:50:23+00:00August 15th, 2017|Bursaries, Company Policy, Employee Development, Employee education, Employee-relations|27 Comments

Author: Ian Hurst — Managing Director, Paymaster People Solutions In South Africa, where access to affordable education remains a huge challenge for many, progressive companies that facilitate access to education (for its employees and their children) certainly do make a [...]

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12 Dec, 2013

Bursaries and Scholarships

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Any bursary or bona fide bursary or scholarship granted to enable or assist any person to study at a recognised educational or research institution may be exempt from tax The bursary must be granted to the employee or one of his relatives [...]

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